Jatin Jayant Rambhia BMS (Finance), Technical Analyst

Jatin started trading in 2002 at the early age of 19 Years. He has also burnt his hands & had the bitter taste of market due to the mistakes that every common man does. To tell the truth, he had also whimpered because of the loss caused by the rap session on the Dalal Street.

As time passed, the days transformed into months, the months transformed into years, the years transformed into decade, each day was a learning experience from the markets.

This journey of Jatin was like the Diamond getting polished every day and becoming bright & crystal clear.

It was like empathetic listening the unheard words under the Loud Screams & noisy environment of the Dalal Street.

This journey has proved Jatin the feel of fresh fragrance of smooth rose between the thorns.

The Experience of Jatin.Rambhia in Equities & Derivatives has helped to pull some strings from the pressure of market & have the peace of mind.

Through this experience Jatin has the received the Eagle's eye view to clearly perceive the turning points of the market.

So now You can also get benefitted from this valuable experience of Jatin.Rambhia.

You can also feel relaxed, be comfortable & be assured of the next move of this uncertain & ever changing behavior of Indian Equity Markets.

You can use the Eagle's eye view to clearly perceive the turning points of Indian Markets & make money.

You can fulfill YOUR dreams by letting Your money make more & more profits for YOU.